The 10-Dart Clip (Non-Nerf) were two kinds of clips that were used in two blasters.

Buzz Bee Clip Blaster 10 clip Edit

The Clip Blaster 10's 10 dart clip is the better clip out of the two clips. It doesn't require shells, which most other Buzz Bee clips do, and is in style of a banana clip, so it can be easily removed. All in all, this clip makes the Clip Blaster 10 a great blaster.

Lanard Clip Shot clip Edit

The Clip Shot's clip, along with it's redesign, the Clip Shot Fast and Furious' clip, also held two clips, but came with two clips. It is inferior to the Magstrike's 10-Dart Clip (Nerf) or the Clip Blaster 10's clip, and has poorer quality. It can break quite easily. It was updated and released as the Moto Twin Fire Blaster's 11-Dart Clip later.

Compatible Blasters Edit

Buzz Bee

See Also Edit

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