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Themes Introduced Edit

Blasters introduced Edit

Title Theme Capacity Price Reviews
Arrowstorm Original Nerf Series 6 Arrows $24.99 Great
Blast Hammer Rip Rockets 3 Micro Darts $6.99 Decent
Detonator Rip Rockets 3 Micro Darts $6.99 Poor
Hydro Bazooka Hydro 3 Ballistic Balls and Water Unknown Mixed
Ramrod Rip Rockets 3 Micro Darts $6.99 Poor

Super Soakers Released Edit

Title Theme Capacity Type
Lil' Squirts Novelty Super Soaker 110mL Novelty Piston Pressure
Super Soaker 300 Classic Super Soaker 6.5L Air Pressure
Super Soaker Bow 'n' Arrow Novelty Super Soaker 294mL Novelty Air Pressure
Super Soaker MDS Classic Super Soaker 900mL Air Pressure
Super Soaker MDS (Classic Series) Classic Super Soaker 900mL Air Pressure
Super Soaker Rocket Novelty Super Soaker Unknown Novelty Air Pressure
Water Balloon Flinger Novelty Super Soaker None None

News Edit

  • Micro Darts are introduced.
  • First Rip Rockets are released.

Catalog Edit

Years with an article:


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