Themes introduced Edit

Blasters introduced Edit

Title Theme Capacity Price Reviews
BallBlaster Other Nerf 4 Ballistic Balls $9.99 Mixed
Double Crossbow Nerf Action 6 Missiles $19.99 Poor
Firestorm Koosh Vortex 6 Koosh Rings $26.99 Good
Hailstorm Airjet Power 10 Micro Darts $19.99 Good
Lightnin' Blitz Airjet Power 10 Micro Darts $19.99 Good
Power Clip DX 1000 Airjet Power Plus 10 Micro Darts $24.99 Very Good
PowerStrike Koosh Vortex 4 Koosh Rings $24.99 Good
Secret Shot II Airjet Power 4 Mega Darts $14.99 Good
Switchshots Max Switchshots 4 Mega Darts $19.99 Good
Triple Strike Airjet Power 3 Arrows $24.99 Good
Viper Shot Koosh Vortex 4 Koosh Rings $7.99 Poor
WildFire Airjet Power 20 Micro Darts $29.99 Good

Super Soakers Released Edit

Title Theme Capacity Type
Splashketball Novelty Super Soaker Unknown Novelty Hose Pressure
Super Charger 400 Super Charger 760mL Air/Hose Pressure
Super Charger 500 Super Charger 940mL Elastic/Hose Pressure
Super Charger 600 Super Charger 1.1L Elastic/Hose Pressure
Super Charger Power Pak Super Charger 3.4L Elastic/Hose Pressure
XP 90: Pulse Fire XP 750mL Air Pressure

News Edit

Years with an article:


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