Themes Introduced Edit

Blasters Edit

Title Theme Capacity Price Reviews
Atomizer Atom Blasters 2 Ballistic Balls $4.99 Poor
Big Bad Titan Action Blasters 1 Mega Missile $29.99 Good
Cyclotron Atom Blasters 6 Ballistic Balls $29.99 Good
Firefly REV-8 N-Strike 8 Glow Darts $24.99 Good
Firestrike Dart Tag 3 Dart Tag Darts $29.99 Good
Nite Finder Other Nerf 3 Micro Darts $9.99 Good
Rapid Fire 20 Airjet Power 20 Micro Darts $39.99 Good
Reactor Atom Blasters 6 Ballistic Balls $9.99 Mixed
Reactor Action Blasters 6 Ballistic Balls $9.99 Mixed
Scout IX-3 N-Strike 3 Micro Darts $39.99 Good
Secret Target Strike N-Strike 1 Micro Dart $3.49 Good
Tech Target Action Blasters 3 Mega Darts $29.99 Good
Unity Power System N-Strike 1 Mega Missile, 9 Micro Darts $39.99 Good

Super Soakers Released Edit

Title Theme Capacity Type
EES Sonic EES 600mL Piston Pressure
EES Tempest EES 800mL Air Pressure
EES Turbine EES 1.31L Air Pressure
Max-D Secret Strike Max-D 775mL Air Pressure

News Edit

Years with an article:


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