Themes Introduced Edit

Blasters Edit

Title Theme Capacity Price Reviews
Furyfire Dart Tag 10 Dart Tag Darts $39.99 Good
Raider CS-35 N-Strike 35 Streamline Darts $39.99 Good
Reflex IX-1 N-Strike 1 Whistler Dart $4.99 Mixed
Stormfire Dart Tag 3 Dart Tag Darts $49.99 Good
Tech Target N-Strike 1 Whistler Dart $19.99 Good

Super Soakers Edit

Title Theme Capacity Price Type
Super Soaker 50: 20th Anniversary Edition Classic Super Soaker 825mL $14.99 Air Pressure

News Edit

  • This is the first year since the first year of their creation, 1992, where no blasters fire Micro Darts. This could possibly be because the Whistler Dart was rising in popularity and could shoot farther. This can be further backed up because the Tech Target released this year came with Whistler Darts.
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