Aqua Masters Pre Chargers
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Buzz Bee Water Warriors

The Aqua Masters Pre Chargers were a series of three blasters released in 2005. They all were named after types of noble gases, and were very powerful blasters. All blasters were re-released in 2008 but the line was shortly discontinued afterwards. They each had a special power which made them not needed to be pumped to fire and still achieve good ranges, which is why they were called "Pre Chargers". This was achieved with the "air piston" system. A tube with a piston in it was pressurized with air in the back, pushing the piston to the front. Then the gun was switched to water mode, and water would be pumped in the front, pushing the piston to the back again. This system gave the guns extra pressure. The blasters had a button on the side, which will initially lock in place. After pumping the blasters several times, the button would pop out, indicating that they were pre-charged. A warning was seen on the package where the blasters had to be pre-charged before firing.

Blasters Edit

# Picture Name
1 2008Argon Argon
2 004W379640110001 Krypton
3 2008Xenon Xenon

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