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Super Soaker

The Aquashock series was the last Super Soaker series before it and Nerf merged. There were 4 blasters released during the 2007 season, and they were discontinued in 2008. It was the successor to the Max Infusion series. The Aquashock series was a bit influential, however, to the design of some newer blasters. For instance, the Arctic Blast was re-released as the Iron Man 2 Waterblaster, and the Sneak Attack being re-badged as the Transformers Universe Bumblebee Water Blaster. The Aquashock series is best remembered as the series which fixed the problem with leaky caps by improving them.

Blasters Edit

# Picture Name
1 ArcticBlast Arctic Blast
2 HydroBlitz Hydro Blitz
3 SecretStrikeSS Secret Strike
4 SneakAttack Sneak Attack
5 AquashockBP AquaPack

Trivia Edit

  • This was the last theme before the merging, as there were no themes for 2008-2009.

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