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Buzz Bee
Buzz Bee
Year Released:





Air Blasters, Air Warriors, Ruff Stuff, Air Blasters Extreme

Buzz Bee is Nerf's main rival in the blaster business. Many blasters are created each year, and are found in two product lines: Air Blasters/Automatic and Ruff Stuff/Automatic. Some of their weapons have been directly copied from Nerf, though generally without the same quality as a Nerf blaster. Their most popular item, the Mech Tommy 20, is supposedly a direct competitor to the Vulcan EBF-25. In the 2011 update, many products were discontinued.

Pros and ConsEdit


  • The buzz bee blasters are cheaper than Nerf.
  • The Buzz Bee company supports modding.


  • The material used is not very durable.
  • The reliability of Buzz Bee blasters is less.
  • They have very few original blasters.

Color SchemesEdit

Buzzbee has created several color schemes for their blasters:

-Blue and Yellow

-Green and orange

-Green, orange and yellow

-Green and yellow

Blasters Edit

Ruff Stuff Air Blasters Edit

Ruff Stuff Air Blasters
Year Released:

2003-2008 (2003-2012 in Finland)




Buzz Bee

Ruff Stuff Air Blasters is the first line of Buzz Bee products. It was started in 2003, but as of 2008, most of the products have been discontinued.


Air Blasters Edit

Air Blasters
Year Released:



Yes (for some countries)
No (for most countries)


Buzz Bee

Air Blasters is the second series of Buzz Bee blasters. Some of their products from the older Ruff Stuff Air Blasters line were carried over to this line, but most were discontinued. Most blasters have a green color scheme with other accents.


Air Warriors Edit

Air Warriors
Year Released:



Yes (for most countries)
No (for countries that still have Air Blasters)


Buzz Bee

Air Warriors is the third and most recent series of Buzz Bee blasters. It is essentially the same as the Air Blasters line, and even has a similar logo to it. The only difference between the two series is the series name and the logo.


Commercial Edit

BuzzBee Ruff Stuff Air Blasters Werbespot00:15

BuzzBee Ruff Stuff Air Blasters Werbespot

BuzzBee Ruff Stuff Air Blasters Werbespot 200:17

BuzzBee Ruff Stuff Air Blasters Werbespot 2

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