The Centerfire Tech Electronic Scope is an electronic scope which is included with the Vortex Nitron, the flagship blaster of the Vortex line. It has 4 settings in all, but all they really do is just activate strobe lights which serve no purpose other than for show. It is powered by 2 AAA batteries, which are inserted into the scope via a hatch on the bottom of the scope. It is attached onto the blaster through a Tactical Rail, meaning any blaster that has a Tactical Rail can utilize this accessory. A useful feature included in the scope is that it shuts off automatically after ten minutes to save power. This is good as it prevents the batteries inside it from corroding if left inside for too long, which will severely damage the electronics in the scope and cause it to malfunction, or even worse, stop working.

Settings Edit

Pressing the button on the side activates these functions.

  1. Slow Tracking: The three strobe lights flash rapidly, starting from the front light to the rear light. This is activated by pressing the button once when the scope is in its "off" state.
  2. Fast Tracking: Same with slow tracking, but the lights flash much more slowly. This is activated by pressing the button twice when the scope is in its "off" state.
  3. All On: Self-explanatory. This is activated by pressing the button three times when the scope is in its "off" state.
  4. Power Off: Self-explanatory. This setting comes after all on, and the scope automatically goes into this state after being used for ten minutes.

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