This page is dedicated to the famous modders of Nerf. If you want to add to the famous modders, leave a comment on the talk page.


Ahtanie (also known as Ahtani3) is a Singaporean Nerfer and modder. He owns the biggest Nerf collection in Singapore. He is paired up with other Nerfers from Singapore like SGNerf and pSyK.

Notable Blasters


Bobololo (also known as Iambobololo) is one of the more popular Nerf modders. His older YouTube account was accidentally deleted in the process of editing an eMail address.

Notable Blasters


Coop772 is a popular modder that has been in the modding community since the year 2006, up until 2014. He is best known for modding Airtech blasters, and also mods Longshot CS-6s and Nite Finder EX-3s. He has recently announced that he would be quitting Nerf due to unknown reasons.

Notable Blasters


LordDraconical (also known as Drac) is an American modder that is a fellow HvZer. He also likes Halo, so he makes weapons designed like Halo weapons like the BR55 Battle Rifle. He has a ton of vintage blasters, but not as many as die-hard collectors like ForsakenAngel24. According to 1 of his YouTube videos, he has a lot of Longshot CS-6s.

Notable Blasters


ForsakenAngel24 is a Nerfer that owns the largest collection of Nerf weapons in the world. He owns every single vintage Nerf blaster from every series.

Notable Blasters


Jerm781 is an American Adult fan of Nerf. He collects blasters whenever they are on sale, and occasionally updates his blog, Nerf Mods and Reviews. Jerm occasionally does sales of weapons. He is also paired up with pSyK and Drac. He has since stopped updating the blog.

Notable Blasters


KNDoperative is an American modder. As of April 2013, his channel is now inactive and nothing much is known about him, except that he is best known for working with air-pressured amd homemade blasters.

Notable Blasters

  • Unknown


Makeitgo is a Canadian modder of Nerf blasters. He gets packages shipped to him for his birthday. He is one of the few famous Canadian Nerf modders out there.

Notable Blasters


See SGNerf for more info.


NerfoMania (also known as TheNerfomania or NoM) is a Nerf modder of blasters. He is close friends with Bobololo, and is credited with the original creation of the PumpSnap.

Notable Blasters


Ben "pSyK" Koh is a Singaporean Nerfer. He does dancing, along with modding weapons, and does integrations just like others.

Notable Blasters

  • Modified Big Blast with 8-shot turret "8x Jialat Jialat Big Blast"
  • Modded Mono Blast
  • SpyNet Briefcase Blaster (given by Jerm781)


See SGNerf for more info.

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