A Detachable stock is a Nerf Accessory that can be placed on the back of several blasters to help increase accuracy when firing the blaster. It comes with N-Strike, Super Soaker, Elite and Vortex blasters. Some stocks have the ability to hold clips, like the Recon CS-6, which can be quite helpful in battles. A strap can also be attached via a small clip on some blasters, or the gaping hole in others like the Raider CS-35 detachable stock. In real life, stocks are meant to stabilize the gun due to recoil, but when it comes to Nerf blasters, the use of the stock as a stabilizer is useless, due to them never having recoil. The first detachable stock came with the Recon CS-6 in 2008.

Compatible Blasters Edit

Super Soakers
Vortex blasters
Elite blasters

Types of Stock Edit

See Also Edit

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