Dual Fire Dart Blaster
3425056 ProductDescription
Year Released:

Unknown, Probably 2010, 2011



Stock Capacity:

2 Micro Darts and Shells

Average Retail Price(s):



Air Zone

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The Dual Fire Dart Blaster is an Air Zone blaster that holds 2 Micro Darts and Shells. It is a dart blasting, break-action, double-barreled shotgun. It is believed to be one of the worst performing Air Zone blasters. The faster you cock it, the farther it shoots. Darts generally go 20 feet stock. It's inferior to the Double Shot and reloads slower. The Dual Fire was rereleased in 2011. You cock it by pulling a long lever on the bottom, which wastes some time.

Details Edit

It is based on the Lupara shotgun, but is based on the Winchester rifle as well because of the lever on the blaster. It also uses shells like most other "Western-style" blasters, but this blaster has a very futuristic look when compared to other "Western-style" blasters like the Rapid Fire Tek, Hunter and Double Shot.

How to fire Edit

Step 1 - Load 1 dart into the 2 shells and push them in until they stop.
Step 2 - Push the button on the back of the blaster to open the loading port.
Step 3 - Push in the two shells into the two barrels in the loading port.
Step 4 - Close the loading port.
Step 5 - Pull the lever at the bottom and release.
Step 6 - Pull the trigger halfway to fire one dart or all the way to fire two.
Step 7 - Open the loading port and take out the two shells.

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