Hydro Current
19900 384x220
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

700mL of water


Water Warriors

The Hydro Current is a 2013 Water Warriors blaster that holds 700mL of water. The Hydro Current is a blaster that looks like it has a pump but it doesn't have an external one. It needs 4 "AA" type batteries to power the pump, just like the Nerf Super Soaker Electrostorm, Lightningstorm and Thunderstorm. It is classified as a Motorized Blaster.

Trivia Edit

  • It is the only motorized blaster in the 2013 lineup.
  • This was the first Water Warriors motorized blaster in 6 years in the mainstream line, the last one being the Tarantula. The Jet was more of in the kiddies line.

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