These are the types of games that can be hosted by Lazer Tag equipment.All of the games have abbreviations.

Game Types Edit

  • Classic Lazer Tag/Solo(LTAG)
  • Custom Lazer Tag(CUST)
  • 2-Team Customized LTag(2TMS)
  • 3-Team Customized LTag(3TMS)
  • Hide and Seek(HDSK)
  • Tag Master Hide and Seek(TMHS)
  • Hunt The Prey(HUNT)
  • Tag Master Hunt The Prey(TMHP)
  • 2-Kings(2KNG)
  • 3-Kings(3KNG)
  • Own The Zone(OWNZ)
  • 2-Team Own The Zone(2TOZ)
  • 3-Team Own The Zone(3TOZ)
  • Hunt The Tag Master(TAGM)
  • Teams VS The Tag Master(2TTM)
  • Tag Master VS Individual Players(TMIP)
  • Respawn(RSPN)
  • 2-Team Respawn(2TRS)
  • 3-Team Respawn(3TRS)
  • 1-On-1(1ON1)
  • Survival(SURV)
  • 2-Team Survival(2SRV)
  • 3-Team Survival(3SRV)

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