This is a list of Lazer Tag Jargon.

  • Debriefing: What the host Tagger does at the end of a game.
  • Drone: Code name of the IRT-2X.
  • Friendly Fire: The ability to tag your teammates.
  • Host: The player that hosts a game.
  • HUD: Abbreviation of Heads-Up Display.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Switch: The switch on both the Phoenix LTX and LTTO Taggers. For the Phoenix, indoor mode makes the receiver less sensitive. For LTTO Taggers, indoor mode makes the emitter less powerful.
  • Medic mode: A close proximity operation that is used to help your teammates in danger of being tagged out, similar to first aid in real life.
  • Mega Tag: A huge 2, 3 or 4 tag shot which puts your Tagger into overheat mode.
  • Neutralization: The period of time where you have to stay stationary.
  • Overheat: The period of time where your Tagger is at max "temperature".
  • Shields: Used to block tags when under heavy fire.
  • Shot Blast: The Phoenix LTX equivalent of the Mega Tag.
  • Strength selector: Lets you select the strength of your Tagger, with 10 or 25 tags. 10 tags will allow you to have 15 seconds of shield time, while 25 tags will allow you to have 25 seconds of shield time.
  • Tag: The hit when a hostile opponent shoots your gear.
  • Tagged Out: When somebody has received 10 or 6 tags, he or she is tagged out.
  • Tagger: Lazer Tag's slang for blasters.
  • WOW: Worlds of Wonder.

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