Title Link Reviews? Active? Ammo?
Adult Fans of Nerf [1] Yes Yes Partially
Austin's Fabulo Nerf Page [2] Yes No No
Basic Nerfing [3] Yes Yes No
Blood, Guts and Foam [4] Yes No No
Canadian Nerfers [5] Yes Yes No
Canberra + Southern NSW Dart Tag Facebook page [6] No Yes No
Dart blaster Wiki [7] Yes Partially Yes
Eric's Nerf Page [8] Yes No Yes
Foam From Above [9] Yes Yes No
Foam Hellstorm [10] Yes No No
Foam Warfare Central [11] Yes No Yes
Foam Warrior [12] Yes No
Genocide's Nerf War Page [13] Yes No No
Great Nerf Reviews [14] Yes Yes No
Greg's Lazer Tag Page [15] Yes No No
Hardkore's Nerf Page [16] Yes No No
iSoaker [17] Yes Yes No
Johnson Arms Custom Paintjobs [18] No Yes No
Larami Reviewed [19] Yes No No
Munitions Sector [20] Yes No Yes
Nerf 4 Hire [21] No Yes No
Nerf Arsonists [22] Yes No Yes
Nerf Blaster Wiki [23] Yes Yes Yes
Nerf City [24] Yes No Yes
NerfFire [25] Yes No


Nerf-Exclusive Wiki [26] Yes Yes Yes
Nerf Grid [26] No Yes No
Nerf Haven [27] Yes Yes No
Nerf HQ [28] Yes Yes No
Nerf Intell Corp. [29] Yes Yes No
Nerf Nerf Nerf [30] Yes No No
Nerf Palace [31] Yes No Yes
Nerf Power [32] No No No
Nerf Psycho [33] Yes No Yes
Nerf Tech [34] No No Yes
Nerf UK [35] Yes No No
Nerf Ultra [36] Yes No No
Nerf Weapon Factory [37] No No No
Nerf Wiki [38] Yes Yes Yes
Point Blank Nerf [39] Yes No No
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