The Mega Tag Function is a special Lazer Tag technique which only the Deluxe Tagger can do. While charging up, the user can pull the trigger to add tags to the Mega Tag. The user can only add up to 3 Tags, and will release the shot, when the 3 Tags are added. This will make one's Deluxe Tagger overheat.

Supershot/Super Strike Edit

The supershot (also known as the Super Strike) is the direct predecessor to the Mega Tag, from the time of the Tiger Lazer Tag era. It is a 1-hit kill if it hits another tagger. It can only be used once per game. To perform a supershot, pull the shield and firing triggers at the same time. The Stinger, however, has a button for the function.

Taggers capable of this
  • B.L.A.S.T.
  • Some Star Wars taggers
  • Stinger
  • Striker

See Also Edit

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