These are cheats to N-Strike: The Video Game. They are accessed by typing in each code at the code menu.

Blaster Codes Edit

  • MAGMA3 unlocks the Vulcan Magma.
  • RSMERC9 unlocks the Mercurio.
  • fiero2 unlocks the Goliathan Nitro.
  • BHDETA8 unlocks the BlackHeart Vengeance.
  • 24KGCON4 unlocks the Habanero.
  • MAVMID7 unlocks the Maverick Midnight.
  • THISIS12 unlocks the Spartan NCS-12.
  • CRUSH14 unlocks the Crusher SAD-G.
  • HELIOX6 unlocks the Firefly Elite.
  • LONGST5 unlocks the Longshot Street.
  • Cromo1 unlocks the SemperFire Ultra.
  • HRANGE13 unlocks the Hydra SG-7.
  • CRISTOL10 unlocks the Crystal Pistol.
  • DOGIE15 unlocks the Stampede REV-12.

External Links Edit

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