Nerf Arena Blast is a first-person shooter game.

Single Player Edit

The player is part of an amateur team known as the Twisters; one will need to top a leaderboard of a certain category in order to move up ranks.

Players will usually choose Ted as the main character.

Jami's default blaster is the Secret Shot II, Ryan's is the Cannon, Sarge's is the HyperStrike and Ted's is the WildFire.

Game Types Edit

  • PointBlast.
  • SpeedBlast - A Halo Race variant style game.
  • BallBlast.

Multiplayer Edit

Blasters Edit



Power Ups Edit

  • Double Damage
  • Electro Shield
  • Mega Jump
  • Mega Power
  • Mega Speed
  • SuitPowerPlus

Ammo Edit

The announcer's quotes Edit

See Nerf Arena Blast: Announcer Quotes.

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