Nerf uses a series of number codes to designate their blasters. The first few letters designate what type of blaster it is, and the number at the back designates how many darts it has.

REV Revolver Maverick REV-6
CS Clip System Recon CS-6
EX External Single Fire Nite Finder EX-3
IX Internal Single Fire Scout IX-3
AS Air System Magstrike AS-10
EBF Electronically Belt Fed Vulcan EBF-25
ECS Electronic Clip System Stampede ECS
AS-V Air System Vessel Titan AS-V.1
RV Electronic Revolver Barricade RV-10
HM Homing Icarus HM-7
RF Rapid Fire SemperFire RF-200
NCS New Clip System (?) Spartan NCS-12
UB Ultra Blaster Goliathan UB-1
SAD Unknown Crusher SAD-G
SG Shotgun Hydra SG-7
GL Grenade Launcher Bullsharc GL-8

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