Nerf War Ranks aren't always used but can be a deciding factor, in fact The Art of War by Sun Tzu states organized armies work better than unorganized armies.

  • Leader-the leader decides the tactics used and maybe the weapons, he may be the most important in battles where one way to win is to defeat him, they normally use small or medium size blasters.
  • Sniper-the sniper rank normally uses long ranged and accurate weapons such as the Longstrike CS-6 or the Longshot CS-6, and maybe a sidearm such as the Nite Finder EX-3 they are usually the first or second most important people.
  • Footsoldier-footsoldiers use more portable blasters such as small or medium size, but sometimes use stronger, less mobile blasters such as the Vulcan EBF-25 or the Stampede ECS.
  • Medic-medics use pistols and can heal people in some Nerf wars in which that is allowed.
  • Defender-the defender rank uses heavy blasters to defend bases or blockades.
  • Recon Unit-use smaller blasters and spies on enemy to find info(also known as spy) or find out more about the enemies position or the surroundings.

These are the unit ranks that are more commonly used, but some people can customize their ranks to be more military-like, or based more on how big the blasters are.

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