200px-Nerf logo 1992 r This product has been discontinued. It can no longer be found in retail stores.
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Stock Capacity:

900 mL of water, 250 mL of Bio-Ooze

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The Oozinator is a 2006 Super Soaker that holds up to 900mL of water and 250mL of Bio-Ooze. It was the height of many controversies because of the "Bio-Ooze" aspect, in which the target can be shot with a sticky goop. Because of this, the TV commercial of the soaker is often parodied online. It is classified as a piston-pressurized, combination and air-pressurized blaster.

Controversy Edit

The content in this section may be inappropriate for certain viewers. Please read at your own discretion.

Immediately after the TV commercial was released, which showed a young boy shooting Bio-Ooze on random bystanders (some of which wielding Super Soakers), and at the end of the commercial, says "Major Pumping Required", it was the subject of extreme hatred. People immediately started relating the pumping of the blaster and firing the Bio-Ooze similar to a male masturbating and then ejaculating on others. Because of this, it was soon discontinued. It is often parodied, such as the "Splooginator" video on The AV Club and most reviews.

Trivia Edit

  • There are over 30 videos of this commercial online, especially on YouTube.
  • It is actually quite heavy for a soaker that holds 900mL of water.

External Links Edit

Commercial (not recommended for those under 13) Edit

Oozinator - Questionable Super Soaker00:16

Oozinator - Questionable Super Soaker

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