Pop Shot


Stock Capacity:

5 Contact Darts

Average Retail Price(s):




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The Pop Shot is a Lanard blaster. It holds 5 Contact Darts, which in all essence are basically the same as Mega Darts. It is basically a tube that, once the reverse-trigger is pressed, sucks up air which is released when the user takes their hand off the reverse-trigger. It had a similar brother blaster called the Pop Dart which also used Contact Darts and shares a similar name. It is very powerful and easy to carry around, hitting up to 50 feet when fired. It is one of the farthest-shooting and cheapest Lanard blasters. It is very powerful and a great blaster to have in your arsenal, featuring great range and impeccable reliability. The only drawback about using a system like what this blaster uses is that accuracy isn't very good, but with practice one can learn to aim dead-on with their target. The Contact Darts that it comes with are the only dart compatible with this blaster. However, this blaster is very hard to find and the only other blaster to fire Contact Darts has been discontinued a long time ago, making these darts very hard to find. Recently the blue-tipped Contact Darts have been replaced by newer orange-tipped ones. It has been around for a relatively long time and has been reboxed twice, but it has never had a recolour and still remains the same colour it did when it was introduced. Despite the fact that it is a great blaster it is rarely seen in wars due to its rarity.

How to Fire Edit

Step 1 - Press your finger down on the orange button. Do not release.
Step 2 - Load one Contact Dart into the dart slot.
Step 3 - Pump the blaster 6-7 times.
Step 4 - Release the orange button to fire the Contact Darts.

Further Re-releases Edit

It has had several reboxings. This is one of the few Lanard blasters to be re-boxed but not be given a colour swap and therefore every generation of Pop Shot is equal in performance and appearance. Although it has been re-released several times, not once has it been re-released as an Air Zone blaster.

Color variations Edit

  • The first variation.
  • The third variation.

Trivia Edit

  • It is very hard to find for some reason although it is still sold in some stores.
  • This blaster is compatible with Nerf Mega Darts.
  • The blaster itself has an incredibly simple design that could possibly be made at home using various supplies.
  • The first two boxes came with blue-tipped Contact Darts but further generations have turned the tips orange like with Stealth Darts.

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