Punisher Gatling Blaster
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

30 Air Zone Slugs

Average Retail Price(s):



Air Zone

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The Punisher Gatling Blaster is a 2010 Air Zone Gatling blaster that holds 30 Air Zone Slugs. It is a Toys 'R' Us exclusive, and can only be purchased there along with the rest of the Air Zone line. It is made by Prime Time Toys.

Description Edit


It is very similar to the Vulcan EBF-25, in the fact that they are both belt-fed blasters and are automatic.


It spawned a tinier brother called the Dart Zone Gatling Blaster.

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Prime Time Toys AirZone Punisher Gatling Blaster01:03

Prime Time Toys AirZone Punisher Gatling Blaster

Air Zone Punisher Gatling Blaster00:25

Air Zone Punisher Gatling Blaster

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