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Rebelle is a Nerf theme that is targeted towards the female demographic, hence the stereotypical feminine designs on the blasters and the pink, purple, white and black color scheme.All the blasters, excluding the Sneak Attacker, are advertised to fire up to 75 feet. The theme was first seen at the 2013 New York Toy Fair. It was said to be launched on the 30th of November 2013, but was launched a lot earlier, in August 2013.

Blasters Edit

Dart Blasters
Picture Name
GuardianCrossbow Guardian Crossbow
Nerf rebelle heartbreaker bow Heartbreaker Bow
KnockOutGallery Jolt EX-1
PinkCrush Pink Crush
Powerbelle Powerbelle
SweetRevenge Sweet Revenge
Blaster Sets
Picture Name
KnockOutGallery Knock Out Gallery
StarShot Star Shot
Super Soakers
Picture Name
BlueCrush Blue Crush
DolphinaBow Dolphina Bow
MiniMissionPurple Mini Mission
Picture Name
BBHB Bow Bandolier
VisionGearRebelle Vision Gear

Teaser Trailer Edit

Nerf Rebelle Promo Teaser Trailer 201300:57

Nerf Rebelle Promo Teaser Trailer 2013

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