Recon CS-6 (Red Strike)
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

6 Streamline Darts

Average Retail Price(s):




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The Recon CS-6 (Red Strike) is a 2009 N-Strike Clip System blaster that holds 6 Streamline Darts. It comes with an instruction book, a Light beam unit, a Recon CS-6 barrel extension, a Recon CS-6 detachable stock, a Recon CS-6 flip-up sight, 6 Streamline Darts and the blaster itself. It requires 2 AA batteries to use the light beam unit, which is activated when its button is switched onwards. It has also been included in the Clear Series, the Sonic Series, the Gear Up series and the default N-Strike series. It is the second oldest clip gun. This version, the Red Strike version, was a Walmart exclusive only on Black Friday 2009.

Gallery Edit

  • The blaster out of the box with all its accessories.
  • The box compared to the other Red Strike boxes.
  • The back of the box.

Trivia Edit

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