SuperMaxx 1500
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

6 Micro Darts



The SuperMaxx 1500 is a 2000 Nerf SuperMaxx blaster that holds 6 Micro Darts. It is no longer available for purchase. It had received good reviews. It was the redesign of the original blaster released in 1997, but the idea behind how it works remained the same. The only differences are the new appearance, dart holders, and the fact that it fired Micro Darts instead of Larami Darts. In fact, some extra plastic was added to the barrels in order to fit Micro Darts.

How to FireEdit

Step 1 - Load 4 darts into the barrels of the rotating turret.
Step 2 - Pump the blaster several times until the air tank is full.
Step 3 - Press the trigger to fire a dart. Rotate the turret to switch to another barrel.

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