Warning This product has been cancelled from production by the manufacturer. The reason for the cancellation is: Unknown.

SuperMaxx 1600 Rapid-Fire Ball Blaster
Year Released:

1995 (cancelled)



Stock Capacity:

12 or 18 Larami Balls



The SuperMaxx 1600 (Full name: SuperMaxx 1600 Rapid-Fire Ball Blaster) was a Larami SuperMaxx blaster that was planned to be released in 1995, but was cancelled. It would have come packaged with at least 12 Larami Balls. It would have been classified as an air-powered blaster.

There is absolutely little to no information regarding this particular blaster, other than a mock-up image of it seen on page 38 of Larami's 1995 New York Toy Fair catalog and the fact that it is a ball-firing blaster. The SuperMaxx 1600's mock-up image, which was edited from that of the earlier SuperMaxx 1500 Rapid-Fire Missile Blaster, claimed that it would have had a six-barreled rotating turret, which is believed to hold between two and four balls, though likely three balls.

How to fireEdit

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Step 1 - To load the SuperMAXX 1600, one would have had to insert the Larami Balls into the barrels of the blaster.
Step 2 - The blaster would have had to have been pumped at least twice to pressurize, though the final total is unknown.
Step 3 - Pulling the trigger would have fired the ball. To fire another ball, the user would have had to manually rotate the turret.


  • The SuperMaxx 1600's turret, in the mock-up image, looks very similar to that of the Ballzooka from the Nerf Action series.
  • On the mock-up image, there is a visual error. On the blaster's air tank, it is referred to as a "rapid-fire missile blaster". This is likely due to it using the same air tank as the SuperMaxx 1500's mock-up image.

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