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Not to be confused for the Switchshots theme.

Switchshot EX-3
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

3 Sonic Micro Darts/Whistler Darts

Average Retail Price(s):




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The Switchshot EX-3 is a Nerf N-Strike blaster that holds 3 Sonic Micro Darts. It can be switched into a Wiimote for the Nerf blaster video game by using a button located near the tip of the barrel. They also have come in blue, for the N-Strike Elite game. It comes with the Wii games N-Strike: The Video Game and N-Strike: The Video Game Elite. The blue Switchshot comes with a red sight on the gun.


Switchshot in Wii play.


  • This blaster can be sold seperately from the video game or with it.

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