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Vortex Disks

The Vortex line is a Nerf theme that was introduced in 2011. It was the first new Nerf theme to be released since the Ball Blasters line of 2004. It is distinguished by its ammo type, XLR discs, which are fired at great distances.

Background Edit

The first knowledge of a new Nerf theme was announced at the 2011 New York Toy Fair, where the Gear Up line was also announced. This series would consist of 4 blasters to anticipate the release of the new line which was just announced.

Soon after that, a price tag of several items arrived on a German site. The results were:

  • NERF Vortex Ammo Refills: 4,90 €
  • NERF Vortex Mission: 12,90 €
  • NERF Vortex Nitron: 69,90 €
  • NERF Vortex Praxis: 39,90 €
  • NERF Vortex Proton: 14,90 €
  • NERF Vortex Vigilon: 24,90 €

News started to pop up very shortly after on the fact that these new blasters would not fire Micro Darts, and instead a new type of ammunition. Eventually Nerf released a video of the Vigilon, Praxis and Nitron, verifying the fact that it would fire discs. A second video was later released, this time showing off the Proton.

Blasters Edit

Picture Name and Info
Diatron Diatron
Lumitron Lumitron
Nitron Nitron
Praxisnew Praxis
Proton Proton
Pyragon1lg. V401994281 Pyragon
Revonix Revonix360
Vigilon Vigilon

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