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The X-Shot line of blasters was created by Zuru in 2010. Each blaster holds two types of ammunition. Each blaster used to fire water, but two newer blasters dropped this in favor of X-Shot Disks. In August 2011, the Turbo Fire was released as an Air Zone product, making it the first in the series to do so. In 2012, the water blasting features were dropped, in place of other regular features. In 2013, some blasters like the Vigilante and the Xcess were rereleased with stronger internals and fire up to 65 feet. The blasters started using a new type of ammo called the Excel Dart, which looked more streamlined than its previous incarnations, the X-Shot Dart and the X-Shot Xtreme Fire Dart.

Blasters Edit

X-Shot Blasters
X-Shot Excel Blasters

NOTE: All blasters but the Scope were released in 2013.

X-Shot Zombie Blasters

NOTE: All blasters but the Scope were released in 2013.

Other Products Edit

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