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Photo on 7-15-13 at 8.14 AM

New deco disc packaged with the Proton

The XLR disc (also referred to as a Vortex disc) was the primary ammunition used by the Nerf Vortex series blasters, as well as with certain blasters from the Zombie Strike series. They were available in a few different colors, and don't have a hole in them like with the previous Foam Discs made by Nerf.

It is similar in design and functionality to the Koosh Vortex Spinfire Ring because of its range and accuracy, but also how they are strongly affected by windy conditions. But, XLR discs fly like miniature frisbees when fired, thanks to the torsion spring system used in the blasters that launch them. It is stronger and more well built than the previous disks. They can also be fired in trick shots not possible with darts, be it curving or banking.

There are several different color schemes of XLR discs, the standard green, the white and orange ones that come with the Pyragon, glow-in-the-dark discs that come with the Lumitron, and deco discs that come with the new release blasters. Also released were special edition discs with camo-style colorways.

As of late 2015, XLR discs and the blasters that use them are officially discontinued due to declining sales.


  • XLR is an abbreviation for "Xtra Long Range", referring to the longer ranges achieved by the discs compared to darts.
  • A common modification for XLR discs is to tape a BB pellet or a hard piece of plastic on the underside, so that when they are fired, they would travel faster.

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